Apple iTunes 10.1.1 Update Causes Problems for Some Users

Apple had good intentions when it released iTunes 10.1.1 yesterday, an update to iTunes 10.1 that was meant to correct some minor bugs.

But downloading the update via iTunes automatic software update created more problems for some. Last night many reported problems such as being unable to open iTunes altogether, losing their library, and crashes.

discussion over at Apple’s support forum shows that Apple is aware of the problem. An Apple engineer by the screnname “Roy B” asked members to send in system details last night.

For now, the most common alternative PCMag also tried is to download the 90.5 MB update directly through Apple’s Web site rather than the automatic software updater.

According to Apple’s description of the software update, version 10.1.1 fixes several bugs: an issue where some music videos may not play on Macs equipped with Nvidia GeForce 9400 or 9600 graphics; an issue where iTunes may unexpectedly quit when deleting a playlist showing the iTunes Sidebar; unexpectedly quitting when connecting an iPod to a Mac running a PowerPC processor; and problems with music videos not syncing to your Apple mobile device.

Apple released iTunes 10.1 in November with minor additions, like the ability to sync and stream content to Apple TV, and some stability and performance improvements. Since then Apple added the long-sought after Beatles library and extended select song previews to 90 seconds.

Apple was unavailable to comment at press time.